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Lessons From Success Episode 18 – Rebecca Wilson – Starts at 60 & Travel at 60 – Creating a business around baby boomers, dealing with frequent change, building your team and how to pitch

Rebecca Wilson has pioneered media for the baby boomer demographic here in Australia with her immensely popular online business Starts at 60.  She’s recently expanded into providing her loyal clientele an incredible array of travel options with the newly created travel business ‘ravel at 60.  To top off her business success she’s recently won the...

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Lessons From Success Episode 17 – Brynn Turner – Solo Episode – Key points from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Australia

I love stepping out of my comfort zone and this week we have my very first solo episode on the Lessons From Success platform.  I thought I’d highlight some of the top lessons I’ve learned on the podcast so far from execution to holding off on investors and everything in-between. I definitely plan to do...

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Lessons From Success Episode 16 – Steve Baxter – Transition Level Investments & Previously on Shark Tank – Business, investing, being an entrepreneur in 2019, flying cars, NBN issues & planes

This week we welcome a true legend in the startup game – Steve Baxter. In this interview We steer away from the usual shark tank conversation and go in-depth on Steve’s opinions, business and journey.  Steve gives his straight-shooting style of advice direct to our listeners and offers his thoughts on a huge range of...

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Lessons From Success Episode 15 – Craig Somerville– Reload Media – Creating a marketing agency, expanding internationally, how marketing should be tailored, unique and so much more

This week we welcome Craig Somerville Co-Founder of Reload Media to the show. Craig and I had an in-depth discussion on what it’s like to run a multinational marketing agency and how Reload has become such a huge success. We also chat about Craig’s lessons for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their own agency...

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Lessons From Success Episode 14 – Karl Brown – Instyle Solar – Being the best in your industry, the importance of marketing & sales instead of seeking investment, why school isn’t everything & business advice

Welcome to this week’s episode!  We welcome Karl Brown the Founder & CEO of Instyle Solar to the Lessons From Success family. Despite Karl’s massive success with over $40 million in sales, Instyle Solar actually came in after the solar boom here in Australia.  Karl is a weapon when it comes to sales and marketing...

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Lessons From Success Episode 13 – Dr Chris Jeffery – Field Orthopaedics – Innovating Orthopaedics, The Difficulty of a Medical Device Startup, and Sharing the Most Important Keys to Success

This week’s episode was such a blast to record and I’m sure you’ll see why. I sit down with Dr Chris Jeffery who has done everything from engineering to an orthopaedic surgeon and he’s only 32!  The episode features Chris sharing his journey which has led him to build Field Orthopaedics a medical device company...

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Lessons From Success Episode 12 – James Grugeon – The Good Beer Co – Being Socially Responsible & Profitable, Conserving The Great barrier Reef, brewing beer & advice to charities

James Grugeon has had an amazing career in corporate partnerships and has now put his experience into building a socially responsible beer company that donates a large portion of profits to their selected charity.  The Good Beer Co has created some amazing beers such as The Great Barrier Beer to promote conservation for the Great...

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Lessons From Success Episode 11 – Lauren Bath – Passion, Monetising, Building an Engaged Instagram & Making a Difference with Entrepreneurship

Lauren Bath known as Australia’s ‘first professional instagrammer’ has taken Instagram to the next level.  Her incredible photography, engaging personality and inspirational stories have developed her over half a million very engaged followers. Not only has Lauren made her dreams of Instagram and travel a lucrative career she has also expanded her brand from photography...

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Lessons From Success Episode 10 – Jock Fairweather – Entrepreneur Lessons From Over 1000 startups, Issues With Our Generation & Running an Incubator

The infamous Jock Fairweather joins us this week for a very exciting episode.  This is definitely an episode no entrepreneur should miss as we go through different strategies on how to bring your company or idea to success. Jock has an INSANE success rate at the accelerator he owns called Little Tokyo Two and you...

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Lessons From Success Episode 9 – Abbey Cameron – Nourish’d – Being Yourself, Time Management, Rebranding & Women in Entrepreneurship

Abbey is an incredible inspirational entrepreneur that is an absolute master of time management.  In the midst of successfully growing her 7 figure food delivery business Nourish’d she’s also raising two lovely children and managing her staff.  Our interview is incredibly insightful and goes over a range of topics from the HUGE importance of being...

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