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The Story Behind Our Podcast

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Brynn Turner

Show Host & Founder

On the search for success & contentment my journey has taken me to the realm of podcasting. After having an ‘ADD’ approach to the career world I’ve learned a few things from both my successes and failure. I’ve started the podcast ‘Lessons From Success’ to offer advice from successful Australian’s that fit the criteria of mastering their field and most importantly are happy doing it.

Why Should You Listen?

Lessons From Success lets you get to know our guests on a personal level so you can learn, relate and replicate what’s gotten them through their journey.  Think of my podcast as your very own personal mentor bringing you close to people that are otherwise unavailable.  I know your time is extremely valuable so I’ve created each episode to take you on a journey from failures and hardships through to success and profits.  Regardless of your career path, journey or the stage you’re at Lessons From Success will offer you invaluable lessons to fast track your goals and achievements.

About Our Show

Lessons From Success is an Australian podcast that gets deep & personal with successful people from many different walks of life.  Our guests will range from various expertise with two main criteria; extremely successful in what they do and are happy doing it.  My goal as the host is for you to get a new perspective each episode on the different paths people take to reach their goals & dreams.  Sacrifices, hardships and failures are common traits of everyone that’s done the ‘impossible’ and we love to humanise our guests and make each episode relatable.  

My Challenges

Ever since starting my journey I’ve had business ADD. Constantly seeking out new and exciting challenges, feeling mundane in my 9-5 jobs and having a feeling of overall discontent in my work life.  After searching everywhere for the answers I realised there’s massive amounts of international content from places like New York, Silicon Valley and London but barely anything from our own shores.  This made no sense.. Australia is such an entrepreneurial country that does business like no other.. how could there be barely any quality content to get us on the right track and help us succeed?

Why Did I Make This Podcast?

I’ve created this podcast as a passion project for the huge group of people out there seeking further knowledge on direction, fulfillment and motivation.  After  personally reaching out to a group of successful entrepreneurs to access their knowledge I thought it would be selfish of me to keep it all to myself.  If I’m seeking answers I’m sure many others are too.  Now, this isn’t another ‘motivational speaking’ or ‘life coach’ podcast.. this is a podcast that speaks to real people, in your backyard that have succeeded despite tall poppy syndrome, numerous setbacks and failures against all odds.

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Join our listeners from all walks of life filling their brain with ideas for becoming successful, finding your purpose and loving your journey.

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