Lessons From Success Episode 18 – Rebecca Wilson – Starts at 60 & Travel at 60 – Creating a business around baby boomers, dealing with frequent change, building your team and how to pitch

Rebecca Wilson has pioneered media for the baby boomer demographic here in Australia with her immensely popular online business Starts at 60.  She’s recently expanded into providing her loyal clientele an incredible array of travel options with the newly created travel business ‘ravel at 60.  To top off her business success she’s recently won the national startup world cup pitchfest here in Australia and is off to pitch for $1 million USD over in San Francisco.

This interview was fun, informative and full of value.  We go through so much including dealing with frequent change in a scaling business, how to successfully pitch your idea, creating a business around baby boomers and so much more.  It was a privilege to have Rebecca on the show and I look forward to having her back once the expansion into travel is fully underway.  To find Rebecca and her team jump over to https://startsat60.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/startsat60/ and check out their amazing content.

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