Lessons From Success Episode 14 – Karl Brown – Instyle Solar – Being the best in your industry, the importance of marketing & sales instead of seeking investment, why school isn’t everything & business advice

Welcome to this week’s episode!  We welcome Karl Brown the Founder & CEO of Instyle Solar to the Lessons From Success family. Despite Karl’s massive success with over $40 million in sales, Instyle Solar actually came in after the solar boom here in Australia.  Karl is a weapon when it comes to sales and marketing and differentiates his business from many other startups as revenue and sales have been their main focus since the beginning.

We discuss so much in this interview from the importance of sales and marketing to the necessity of building a strong team.  We also go through current problems in education and why other businesses fail and how to win in a saturated market.  Karl and I had a heap of fun recording this and I know you’ll enjoy it too.

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Key sections

0 – all about Instyle Solar and the industry

13:20 – Karl as an entrepreneur and how to create a profitable company

19:00 – 24:00 Choosing products and quality

24:00 – 30:30 Lessons learned as an entrepreneur and valuable insights

30:30 – 37:00 Failures & teachings

37:00 – 43:00 School &imposter syndrome

43:00 – 53:00 How to make sure you’re hiring the right team & education  

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