Lessons From Success Episode 13 – Dr Chris Jeffery – Field Orthopaedics – Innovating Orthopaedics, The Difficulty of a Medical Device Startup, and Sharing the Most Important Keys to Success

This week’s episode was such a blast to record and I’m sure you’ll see why. I sit down with Dr Chris Jeffery who has done everything from engineering to an orthopaedic surgeon and he’s only 32!  The episode features Chris sharing his journey which has led him to build Field Orthopaedics a medical device company located in Australia that’s doing some amazing innovative development.

Chris shares so many lessons this week including the how to’s of starting a medical device company, the importance of learning from big business in entrepreneurship, the keys to his success and so much more.  I’ve left some key points below that you’re welcome to skip ahead to if time is scarce.  For everything Field Orthopaedics make sure you give them a follow on https://www.instagram.com/field_orthopaedics/ and head to their website https://www.fieldorthopaedics.com/.

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Key Points –  

00:30 – Field orthopaedics and the beginning of the company

19:55 – Valuing a company (medical device vs consumer electronics) & discussing the blue sky in investing

23:30 – The key to focus and time management

34:55 – Recommendations to entrepreneurs, the story of the bamboo forest. 

39:45 – Starting a medical device company and the challenges

42:00 – the importance of training a team and retention

44:30 – Planning prevents ‘poor’ performance – Dr Chris’ most important lesson

47:50 – Exit plans – are they always a good idea?

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