Lessons From Success Episode 10 – Jock Fairweather – Entrepreneur Lessons From Over 1000 startups, Issues With Our Generation & Running an Incubator

The infamous Jock Fairweather joins us this week for a very exciting episode.  This is definitely an episode no entrepreneur should miss as we go through different strategies on how to bring your company or idea to success. Jock has an INSANE success rate at the accelerator he owns called Little Tokyo Two and you can tell his  overwhelming passion is to help business in all stages.  He’s helped over 1000 companies hit their goals and continues to be a prophet in the startup space.

This interview is ‘real talk’ and is very raw; after around the 18 minute mark we start getting into deeper topics. We go through different startups, how to build a succeeding mentality and what it takes to flourish in this crazy modern world. This interview is an absolute must for anyone that’s keen to go deep in finding their passion, building their idea or improving their startup.  You can find jock @ https://www.littletokyotwo.com/  or apply to join his Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/380680425832647/. Enjoy!              

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