Lessons From Success Episode 7 – Marc Orchard – Lessons From Over 200 Startups

Welcome to the mind-blowing 6th guest episode of Lessons From Success.  This episode interviews Marc Orchard, head of startups at BDO, the global accounting firm.  Marc lead the non-for-profit startup hub Fishburners in Brisbane City and has seen well over 200+ entrepreneurs go through to success and failure.  This interview is important for anyone and I mean anyone. After seeing so many entrepreneurs rise and fall Marc’s advice is so crucial to anyone looking to start a business, work in a business or run a business.

I have purposely left timestamps out of this interview as there are so many crucial parts I wouldn’t recommend anyone skipping through any of it.  As far as spending your time listening goes this hour could be one of the most important you ever spend to fast track wherever you are on your journey. Marc has generously allowed me to share his BDO email @ marc.orchard@bdo.com.au and welcomes any questions or enquiries you have for him.

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