Lessons From Success Episode 5 – BlackBook.ai – Tuay Lam on Artificial Intelligence in Business

Welcome to the innovative fourth guest episode of Lessons From Success.  This episode follows the journey of Thuy Lam, founder of Blackbook.ai.  Thuy discusses the development of Blackbook and the use of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation in business.  We also discuss great advice for entrepreneurs especially those looking to make the shift from the corporate world.

The interview is unique as it follows an entrepreneurial journey transitioning from the corporate world and discusses the benefits and negatives of going that route. Visit www.blackbook.ai for further information and if you’re interested in anything tech I highly recommend attending their conference in Brisbane or Melbourne @ automate2019.com.au.

Feel free to skip ahead 🙂 

1:01 – 20:45 – Blackbook Ai as a company & how they develop

20:45 – 28:15 – How AI is created & where it’s going in business

28:15 – 39:00 – Tuay’s journey & advice to entrepreneurs

39:00 – 42:05 – Blackbook’s Goals & the incredible way they treat their employees

42:05 – 45:40 – Failures & achievements

45:40 – 48:30 – Automate2019.com.au Blackbook’s upcoming conference for anyone interested in tech

48:30 – end – Wrap up!

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