Lessons From Success Episode 2 – Scott Millar, Success With Holograms

Welcome to the first guest episode of Lessons From Success.  Joining us today is an incredible young entrepreneur Scott Millar. Scott has built BOP industries from the ground up and focuses on holograms for events and marketing purposes.  He’s also expanded into educating Australia’s youth to develop their tech and entrepreneurial skills.  Scott is an incredibly open mentor that loves talking about his journey and his challenges along the way.  You can find Scott @Scott_Millar_ or on https://www.bopindustries.com/

During the interview we discussed Scott’s morning routine and he recommended we try a tea called ‘Yerba Mate’. This can be found at any T2 store or easily purchased off google. Enjoy!


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One comment on “Lessons From Success Episode 2 – Scott Millar, Success With Holograms

  1. Lachlan Forrest says:

    Great ep!

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