Welcome to the very first episode of Lessons From Success.  This is just a short intro to go through the basics of what our plans for the show are all about, along with some cool info on which platforms to find us, who the podcast is best suited for and why you should spend your precious time listening to me and my guests.

I’m so excited to bring you the introduction episode and I can’t wait to start gracing your ears with some really interesting guests from many different walks of life.  Our first official episode will be launched prior to the end of December and I’ll be pumping out the content as frequent as possible.  Lessons From Success is definitely a passion project of mine and I value all of your feedback good and bad.  If you have any advice, cool ideas or anything special you’d like me to incorporate i’m always open to hearing from my listeners.  It’s easiest to get in contact with us via the form or you can simply swing me an email at lessonsfromsuccess@gmail.com and we can have a chat.

Until then guys thanks so much for tuning in and be sure to subscribe to our email list at the bottom of the home page and I’ll keep you updated with all of the exciting updates!


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